finish line

you never know when the end is coming, when is the last time you do something or talk to someone. you don`t feel the upcoming end. that is how it usually works in life. and we are fine with it. or to be more precise we simply do not have any other option and tend to take things for granted. but me living in zag was something i new has an expiration date. project has ended, a year has gone by. an uneventful year, just changed my address, but once i look back/ or simply scroll through pictures – a year full of events, experiences, people, situations, problems and laughter, tears, tasks, moments of weakness, learnings and failures.

i`ve missed home. i am scared (ok, maybe too strong of a word but you get my point) to be back and try to find my way of fitting into the old puzzle. i was a great and exact part of the jigsaw puzzle a year ago. the whole picture would work perfectly. but now. now i do feel that my edges are a bit different and i might have problems completing it. but you will never know until you try.

that`s what i am willing to do. everything that happened here and all those people who i got to know and hopefully keep in my life, i will carry back home in my heart.

thank you, zag! you’ve been fun and educational. i will have a special place in my heart for you!

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